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KEYNOTEs & Programs

"Be Minimally Exceptional" - How anyone can standout by mastering exceptional skills in a minimal amount of time. From breaking world records to breaking sales records. Anyone can do it! It's time to be efficient at being exceptional!

"Leadership Development" - Looking to be a more impactful leader or perhaps groom your team to take that next step into management? Jackson utilizes the "Magician's Mindset" to challenge participants to exceed higher goals and eliminate barriers to change enabling organizations to drive innovation and maximize team performance!


"Presentation and Public Speaking Coaching" - Magicians are ultimate presenters relying on many types of technology and mediums.  Jackson teaches individuals and teams the fundamentals to connecting with their audience and being memorable.

"Creating Magical Moments" - Be A Networking Superstar - It's all about connecting and putting others first. Jackson teaches you how to better understand your clients and create a social circle that improves your own life. This talk is highlighted by Jackson's tricks for teaching anyone how to remember people's names the first time you hear them.

"Memory Magic & Neuroscience" - Guaranteed to improve brain function and help your team retain 300% more information!  Jackson Rayne presents memory classes and corporate workshops teaching attendees how to organize information in their brain allowing greater efficiency and productivity in the workplace and at home.


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Our Principals and Vice Principals were entertained, empowered, and inspired by Jackson Rayne and his memory class. He is a genuine person with loads of talent and everyone left feeling like their memory potential had just tripled.  I highly recommend Jackson’s classes and workshops!

-Antonio Rael Las Vegas, Clark County Associate Superintendent

Fun, fun, fun! Our guests walked away entertained and thrilled that they suddenly had this ability to remember anything! 

-Niksa Pelic, Hotel Director, Carnival Corporation

Your magic and story-telling made learning the memory techniques fun! You offered a “No Limits” perspective to our company that ignited an exciting energy for the coming


- Barry Byalick, CEO The Foil Place





Jackson Rayne is all about pushing the limits in everything that you do! A touring speaker, illusionist, and world champion escape artist, Jackson's speaking and performances have been witnessed by millions of people around the globe. Since childhood, Jackson has spent a lifetime chasing an"impossible" dream by successfully building a business as a professional magician with an impactful message. His passion for connecting with people and inspiring others eventually led him beyond the stage where he found value in sharing his personal lessons in business management, creating and overcoming fear, and achieving a pinpoint focus in death-defying situations. Jackson's unique skills are combined to customize motivational keynote messages and deliver them in the most memorable ways. Whether he's risking his life in front of thousands of people to make a point or performing an intimate magical effect on a TEDx stage, Jackson Rayne is quickly becoming one of the most memorable speakers in the industry today!

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